Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions of a somewhat tomboy now wife, soon to be mother...

This post has been formulating in my head for a long time now.  Not sure of the exact reason that it has not been typed.  Maybe time?  Maybe embarrassment?  Maybe pointless?

Many of you knew me growing up.  I did not have a brother but I had a dad.  He taught us how to throw a ball, kill a bug, move heavy furniture, fix things around a house, etc.  I didn't really date or crush to hard on boys.  I never was too into make up or full day shopping. 

Then after high school, I lived on my "own" for nearly 10 years.  I paid bills, changed flat tires, did all my grocery shopping, traveled alone, got the rent in ontime and all the things that come along with INDEPEDENCY! 

But then I met Shawn and all the above stayed pretty much the same as we dated. 

Then we got married. 

I started to cry more, get my feelings hurt, hated when he stays late at work and never calls, wishing I had Shantel's closet to raid, preferred TV like What Not To Wear to CSI.... ( I still love to watch sports though ), and honestly have a favorite appliance, it is the dishwasher! 

It was then that I thought I was turning into a 'girly girl' but that faded quickly

I have finaly landed on what I think the "problem" was.  I have just never felt more like a girl until I married a man.  This still holds true for me nearly 3 years later. 

And now that I am in the girliest stage of my life (pregnancy), feeling girly is becoming more and more true.  And then after being pregnant, I will be a mother.  One doesn't use the word mother usually in the same sentence with tomboy.  Usually?

Anyways, so now that I have realized it and want to share my news, here are my confessions to prove it!

There is one last confession I must make that is a little embarrassing.  As I gradually have changed from a tomboy to a pregnant soon to be mom, I have really evolved into someone who wants the house to be clean(er).  So a few months ago, I did something weird.  I made a list of things I will do each day of the week.  And because I am a teacher, the chore first letter matches the first letter of the day of the week.  Here they are...get ready to laugh if you still wish I was the old tomboy.  And get ready to say "told you so" to all the longtime girly girl, pregos, mothers reading this!

Sunday or Saturday - Civic (soft /c/ says /s/) and Sweep
Monday - Mop (and I need to add Memory Lain to that so I will blog once a week)
Tuesday - Toilets...and I do the sink in bathrooms too
Wednesday - Wipe (dust) and Water the plants
Thursday - Throw out (trash/recycle) or Throw Away (mail/junk/clutter)
Friday - Fans (dust) and Fish Tank (add more water)

Everyday (or every other ish) requires LAUNDRY and DISHES.  None of the days of the week begin with L or D and one should defintely NOT wait this long between these chores.  A sink is not big enough and laundry will take forever....believe me, I know. 

Ok, confession time is over.  Do you feel like a priest?


  1. Hi Roxanne... dana's little sister here. I LOVE IT. i never really thought out all you said, but i relate ;) and have been needing to do this chore/day method. thanks for sorting it for me :)
    happy baby!!!

  2. No fear! You can be a tomboy and a mom! I am living proof! I have boys and we do boy things...chickens, dogs, building, cars, and then I have girls and we do nails, shopping, cooking, and then we do "family" stuff like sports and gardening. Being a mom does not have a play book (sometimes I wish it did). We have a rotating chore chart...since Teal moved out it has three main groupings, but "MOM' still gets the big stuff. ENJOY everyday...that is what being a mom is about. Love you! Heather, Teal, Tucker, Sadie and Brandt!