Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions of a somewhat tomboy now wife, soon to be mother...

This post has been formulating in my head for a long time now.  Not sure of the exact reason that it has not been typed.  Maybe time?  Maybe embarrassment?  Maybe pointless?

Many of you knew me growing up.  I did not have a brother but I had a dad.  He taught us how to throw a ball, kill a bug, move heavy furniture, fix things around a house, etc.  I didn't really date or crush to hard on boys.  I never was too into make up or full day shopping. 

Then after high school, I lived on my "own" for nearly 10 years.  I paid bills, changed flat tires, did all my grocery shopping, traveled alone, got the rent in ontime and all the things that come along with INDEPEDENCY! 

But then I met Shawn and all the above stayed pretty much the same as we dated. 

Then we got married. 

I started to cry more, get my feelings hurt, hated when he stays late at work and never calls, wishing I had Shantel's closet to raid, preferred TV like What Not To Wear to CSI.... ( I still love to watch sports though ), and honestly have a favorite appliance, it is the dishwasher! 

It was then that I thought I was turning into a 'girly girl' but that faded quickly

I have finaly landed on what I think the "problem" was.  I have just never felt more like a girl until I married a man.  This still holds true for me nearly 3 years later. 

And now that I am in the girliest stage of my life (pregnancy), feeling girly is becoming more and more true.  And then after being pregnant, I will be a mother.  One doesn't use the word mother usually in the same sentence with tomboy.  Usually?

Anyways, so now that I have realized it and want to share my news, here are my confessions to prove it!

There is one last confession I must make that is a little embarrassing.  As I gradually have changed from a tomboy to a pregnant soon to be mom, I have really evolved into someone who wants the house to be clean(er).  So a few months ago, I did something weird.  I made a list of things I will do each day of the week.  And because I am a teacher, the chore first letter matches the first letter of the day of the week.  Here they are...get ready to laugh if you still wish I was the old tomboy.  And get ready to say "told you so" to all the longtime girly girl, pregos, mothers reading this!

Sunday or Saturday - Civic (soft /c/ says /s/) and Sweep
Monday - Mop (and I need to add Memory Lain to that so I will blog once a week)
Tuesday - Toilets...and I do the sink in bathrooms too
Wednesday - Wipe (dust) and Water the plants
Thursday - Throw out (trash/recycle) or Throw Away (mail/junk/clutter)
Friday - Fans (dust) and Fish Tank (add more water)

Everyday (or every other ish) requires LAUNDRY and DISHES.  None of the days of the week begin with L or D and one should defintely NOT wait this long between these chores.  A sink is not big enough and laundry will take forever....believe me, I know. 

Ok, confession time is over.  Do you feel like a priest?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break in Washington State

Iris and I had Spring Break this last week.  We took advantage of it and went to visit my sister who lives in Bellingham, Washington!  I have been twice before to visit her but this, of course, is Iris first time to the Pacific Northwest!  Here is a highlight of the things we did.  Check facebook for more pictures because it will let me upload more than one pic at a time...as far as I know on this blog, I can only upload one pic at a time.  Ugh!  Anyways....here we are in Washington.

Alexis picked us up late Saturday night.  We staying with my cousin, her husband, and five boys.  Sad to say, and mom will be mad, but we DID NOT take pictures.  What was I thinking.
Sunday we gallavanted around Seattle.  First stop, Seattle's Famous Public Market.  We saw the fish throwing stand, bought a cute newborn onesie, ate yummy food, and enjoyed the light rain!

Oh and dont' forget....we got a drink at the First Starbuck's Store!

Then we crossed downtown (in a downpour) to see the Space Needle.  We did not go up, but we got some souveniers and had fun during the break in the rain taking pictures!

 I tihnk I have mentioned before that Iris is a huge fan of American Football, so she was very excited when we drove by Qwest Field where the Seahawks play. The season is over and it was late, but she was still excited!!!

 Now it is Monday and we cooked homemade pizza at Alexis' house.  Iris did not know you could do this...

 Then we took a short but elevated hike behind her house!  Here we are doing kung fu on the tree fallen to a bridge. 
 Tuesday we drove 50 miles up to Mount Baker, the local ski mountain to see the unusual snowfall.  In March alone, the mountain has gotten 10-12 foot of snow.  The two hours we were there it snowed 4-5 inches on us.  3 foot was predicted for the rest of the night!  Iris could not believe the 10 foot bank along the road.
 Alexis let Iris "borrow" her boots and skis to try her hand at skiing.  By skiing we mean Alexis walked up about 100 yards with skis over her shoulder while Iris followed akwardly in her snowboots.  Then Alexis gave her a crash course and walked alongside her down the bunny slope.  We did not buy lift passes nor stay long.  In fact, the lift closed shortly after her first "run."  She made 3 or 4 runs, had countless simple falls, but picked up quite well in her 20 minute ski session.
Wednesday =  Whatcom County Falls Park.  It is so green here.  Do you see the green moss on the bridge? 
 Later on Thursday - we took the 15 mile (but nearly one hour because of road blocks and a few wrong turns) to the Canadian Border.  We parked at the last gas station and walked towards the border to just get pictures.  We did not have the correct signature/papers to allow Iris to cross and come back to America.  We didn't want to lose her there!!!  Anyways, we got fun pictures of both flags and Iris was gitty that she got that close to Canada.
 Right after we turned around there was this great Washington State sign!  So we stopped again.  The next day, Thursday, was our long flight back to Texas.  I guess Shawn and I are going to have to drive to the Oklahoma border before she leaves and come back to find Texas signs like this!

I will leave you with one of the ski videos!  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I bought my first rocking chair!  It is a glider rocker/ottoman that I found on craigslist and Shawn picked it up yesterday.  We like it lots and it is the new favorite chair in the house.  I am sure the baby will like it too!

I also had my first baby shower.  I use my loosely, because there are 8 pregos at school this year so we were all honored today.   It was hosted by all the wonderful teachers and staff we work with at Castleberry Elementary.   And a special thanks to the first grade team for taking time to go and find the gifts, wrap them, and being so supportive during this time in my life!  You guys are the bestest :)

Here a few pictures from the shower and then the gifts I received displayed at home on the new glider rocker/ottoman!

My great friend Dana.  She has taught with me at CES for 6 years and is 3 months ahead of me in the pregnancy game.  We are also using the same birthing center/nurse midwives! 
 Cute cute umbrella shaped cupcake cakes.  One is blue for the boys to be born, other pink for the girls, and green for us two who are waiting!
 A fun view of all 8 that were honored and the tables of gifts!

 Chair is clean and comfortable and was cheap!  I love that the feet rock along with you...what a treat!  Shout out to a random family in Flower Mound who took care of it and decided to get rid of it!
 See!  You CAN buy things for someone who does not know if they are having a boy or a girl.  I received bath toys, board books, wrist rattles, hooded towels, bibs, onesies, a nightlight, and children safe spoons!  Now it all will go up in the attic (except the chair ofcourse....we are going to break that thing in!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Superbowl XLV

If you didn't know....the Superbowl was at Jerryland in North Texas!  Fun for us because we live close enough to experience a few things but far enough to not be in too much traffic or crowds!

One ice day out of school, Iris and I braved the scary roads for a Cowboys Stadium tour.  Thanks Houston Fullerton for free tickets!!!  Here a few pictures from that fun experience.  Google "Cowboys Stadium" sometime and read about all the records broken, and big numbers that make up that place.  From the field, to chairs, to locker room, to electricity....no expense was spared!  Geez.

FYI, Iris is a recent but massive fan of the NFL and American Football in general!  She was in heaven.

We also went downtown that actual weekend to check out some of the Sports Center set up and filming.  It wasn't too exciting but neat experience nonetheless! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love searching around on craigslist.com but I have never purchased anything.  Not so anymore.  I have had my eye on these Baby Einstein Around the World baby items for a few months.  (wonder why?)  I put them on a registry but they are not available at target in stores, one would have to order online.  Well, they are expensive and then there is shipping...

Anyways, I have searched for them a few times on craigslist but to no avail...until last week when we were snowed in for a few days.  And wallah!  Two of them were online and I got them both.  I braved the ice to get my bargains.  What do you think? 

The excersaucer! 

I especially love the pandas on the bamboo see saw.

And this is the floor play mat.

Our real panda bear loves it too!

There is a bouncy chair I have still on the registry but am searching for the bargain deal as well! 

And don't worry...I am not going too crazy with buying things.  I came accross a stuffed rocking panda bear a few months ago for 5 bucks at goodwill.  At a church garage sale just down the road, I bought a bath sitting ring thing for when the baby will be sitting up in the tub.  Then there is a plastic tub with a few sale item outfits for next winter.  And I have a promised crib and changing table/dresser as a hand-me-down from a dear friend.  This is pretty much it. All is tucked away in the attic.  We will worry about setting it up in the nursery more in June.

Oh and by the way, this is the "theme" of the nursery....Animals Around the World!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2

It snowed 3 or 4 inches last night!  Wow!  So beautiful.  It was still snowing a little this morning so we decided to bundle up and try sledding...laundry basket style. 



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